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APRIL 19th is a Tuesday! I apologize.

The Town Green Improvements are out for bid. Bids are due Thursday, April 19, 2011, NLT 2:30 PM

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Bid Documents
Bid Drawings

Initial Bid Results Bid#2011-11
Town Green Improvements*

*For information Only (Not Official)
Copies of actual bids available in
the Planning Office, Town of Ledyard
John O'Keefe $174,800
Running Brook Farms $406,000
Malek Landscaping $144,800
Yardworks $193,140
B&W Paving $124,460
All Seasons Landscaping $175,195
Christie Landscaping $154,900
Peter Turello $148,800

Prospective Bidders attending pre-bid (4/11/2011)

American Industrial, Incx.
BES Landscaping
Eleuthera Assoc. LLC
PDF Construction Co., Inc
Chapel Landscaping
Jim Fox
Malek Landscaping
Christie Landscaping
Lombardi Gravel & Excavation
Kirk Whwaton
Cisco, LLC
Michael Poinelli
Jackie Mayo
B&W Paving
Grasshopper Lawns
Hugo Key + Sons
Patrick A Carney
Hyde Park Landscaping
Peter Turello
Laresa Earth Group
John O'Keefe
Cedar Ridge Landscape
Running Brook Farms

Bidders indicating intention to bid by picking up documents or email (4/4/2011):

Louis Consolini, Ledyard, CT
Malek Landscaping, Voluntown, CT
Christie Landscaping, Ledyard, CT
Yard Works, Inc, Warwick, RI
B&W Paving and Landscaping, Mystic, CT
Niro Landscaping Contractors, New Britain, CT
Eleuthera Associates, LLC, Lebanon, CT
H.J. O'Keefe, LLC., Pawcatuck, CT

Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting: April 11, 2011; 10:00 AM; Ledyard Fairgrounds

The LTTC will make a presentation on the project to the Town Council at their February 23, 2011 meeting.

Presntation Document

The Ledyard Town Center Committee will hold a public information session at 7:00 PM, February 17, 2011 in the Ledyard Town Hall Annex to present its plan to use grant funding for improvements to the Ledyard town green, fairgrounds and playground area located on Rte 117 between Ledyard Center School and the Ledyard Congregational Church.  Town of Ledyard funds will not be spent for this project.  The public is invited to attend this session to provide comments regarding the proposed improvements to Ledyard Center.

Information Session Notice
Information Session Agenda

DRAFT LTCC Presentation Document

Ledyard Green Fence Design (Discussion Document)
Progress Drawings: SD-1; SD-2; SD-3: L1-EC; L2-Demo; L3-Improvements; L4-Planting

Three concepts to address concerns relating to the proposed stone wall along Route 117.
original; plantings; fence top

Slide Presentation from August 30, 2010 meeting. Prime concerns to be addressed are the impacts of the Phase 1 improvements on the fair and the number of rides, which can be accommodated on the upper area and access control for school children utilizing the area. Both items to be addressed at October Committee meeting and the project remains on schedule for bidding in the late Fall.



Ledyard Town Green Improvement Project 
Conceptual Plan Prepared
By Kent + Frost 

Purpose:  The Town of Ledyard has undertaken this project to create a Town Green in 
Ledyard Center.  The Town Green shall: help define Ledyard Centers sense of place, be a place 
for civic gatherings and an area for outdoor recreation for all citizens.  This will be the first  phase of a multiphase project. 

Proposed Improvements 

• New Stone Wall along 117 frontage.  The stone wall shall be approximately 30” tall 
and shall replace the existing chain link fence.  The wall will be set partially into the 
hillside to correct grading and allow for views into the Town Green. 

• New Street Trees between the existing sidewalk (to remain) and the proposed stone 
wall.  The trees in combination with the stone wall will reduce the visual width of the 
roadway, and will signify to drivers that you are entering an urbanized area, and will 
have a calming effect on traffic.  Additionally the trees will provide shade to those 
walking along the sidewalk, making it a much more enjoyable place to be. 

• Relocated Veterans Memorial – The current location of the Memorial is nearby, but 
is mostly out of site.  Moving it to the center of the frontage of the Town Green 
would give it the prominence that it deserves.  Town Greens are historically places 
where memorials and items of civic significance are placed. 

• New Street Plaza & Entry Area – Town Greens are places where the community 
comes together.  They should feel open and welcoming.  A new entrance to the  Green from 117 is needed to achieve this.  This area would contain: a paver plaza, 
crosswalk(s), bench(s), signage, and steps leading into the Green.  Additionally this 
would be an ideal location to relocate the “History of Ledyard” sign that is currently 
in a gravel pull‐off along 117 south of the intersection with Colonial Ledyard Highway. 

• New Wooden Fence would replace the chain link fence between the Green and the 
parking area.  The new fence would be offset 5’ from the edge of paving to allow for 
pedestrian access to the green without having to walk in the parking lot, as well as 
providing an area for snow removal.  The fence could be a typical park timber guard 
rail, or a pasture style rail fence that is more contextual to Ledyard.  The fence would 
have openings to allow access into the green.   

• New Parking Area Entrance – A new entrance centralized to the parking and the 
Green would be created. This area would be a large stonedust plaza surrounded by a 
stone seat wall with a drinking fountain and a new flagpole.  This would be the 
primary entrance for those parking at the Green, and would be a great location for 
ticket booths and even entrances. 

• Allée of trees – An Allée of trees was placed along the northern edge of the Green to 
create separation from the school property, and create an identity for the Green.  The 
stonedust track was placed down the center of the Allée to create an enjoyable and 
memorable experience.  The spaces created under the canopy of the trees, is perfect 
for everything from farmers markets, to car shows, craft shows, and children’s day 
camps.  We would expect this area to be heavily programmed with activities.   

Future Improvements: 

• New Stage – A new larger, modernly equipped, roofed stage/amphitheater, 
centralized and facing the Green would see a great deal of use.  The community could 
host all sort of events, from High School music and coral concerts, to theater 
performances & concerts, to movies in the park.   

• Relocated Historic School House – The new stage would displace the existing stage 
and School House.  This School House is an important part of Ledyard’s history that 
should be preserved.  We propose keeping the School House on the Town Green, but 
moving it closer to 117 to give it more prominence, and use it as massing along the 
road frontage to reinforce the transition from rural to village. 

• New Shade Trees – Add two large specimen shade trees to frame the stage, and 
provide a visual boundary for the green. 

• Reduce Paving – There is an abundance of excess paving around the pavilion and 
concession stand area.  The paving should be limited to what is needed, so that the 
Green can encompass a larger area. 

• New Turf with Rainwater Harvested Irrigation – The existing turf is worn out and 
highly compacted.  New topsoil should be brought in and new turf established for the 
whole Green.  For turf to be successful in civic areas it is best if it is irrigated.  With 
the large amount of roofed and paved area at the adjacent school it would be 
advantageous efficient to capture the stormwater runoff and recycle it for irrigation 
for the new turf. 


STATUS (4 May 2010): Kent + Frost has been asked to draft a contract for services.

STATUS (3 May 2010): The Committee will meet with Kent + Frost to discuss their proposed scope of work and costs. (May 3, 2010 @ 7:15 PM).

STATUS (8 April 2010): The committee met on April 5, 2010 and decided to further review the submittals of five of the consultants (indicated by "*" below). The committee will meet again on April 21, 2010 to continue their review.

UPDATED 3/10/2010 to include a presentation by UCONN (2007)

UPDATED 3/17/2010 - Submitting Firms


Planning/Design & Implementation of Fairground Improvements

The Town of Ledyard through the Ledyard Town Center Committee is accepting proposals from professional planning, engineering and architectural firms or teams licensed in the State of Connecticut for the preparation of a design development plan and plans and specification for improvement to the Town Fair Grounds, 740 Colonel Ledyard Highway. 

The firm(s) should be able to demonstrate a successful track record in the preparation of similar plans and projects in Connecticut communities and have knowledge and expertise in relevant regulatory and code requirements.

Interested firms should submit proposals (5 copies) to the Mayor’s Office, 741 Colonel Ledyard Highway, Ledyard, CT 06339 no later than 2:00 PM. on March 17, 2010.

The complete request for proposal and additional information can be found at www.ledyarddevelopment.com/TownCenterProp.html

IMPORTANT: Prior to any submission, please email, ckarn@town.ledyard.ct.us to indicate your intention to submit. This will allow us to forward any potential changes or modifications to the RFP.


We welcome your comments and suggestions. Contact: ckarn@town.ledyard.ct.us

Documents & Plans
Property Plan Sheet 1
Property Plan Sheet 2
Ledyard Town Center Committee-Report to Town Council, September 12, 2007
Corridor Access Management Plan-Route 117-Ledyard Center, October, 1998
Route 214 Study, Ledyard, CT, December, 1984
Ledyard Center Study, January, 1985
Ledyard Center Study, 1977
UCONN Presentation (2007)
Submittals Received 3/17/2010 @ 2:00 PM
Firm Lump Sum*
ToDesign, LLC $12,500
*BL Companies $23,500
Milone & MacBroom $18,500
LADA, PC $18,000
*WBA Group, Inc $14,750
*TPA Design Group $15,500
DiPrete Engineering $42,000
*AKRF, Inc. $26,000
Weston & Sampson $20,500
Landscape Elements, LLC $16,200
George Torello Engineers, P.C. $54,000
*Kent + Frost $15,500
* It is important to note that this proposal is for professional services and cost is only a factor in selection. Also, each submittal contains information which clarifies and defines their pricing. It may not be prudent to simply evaluate the proposals on the amount listed here. In some cases, the amount has been calculated by staff, based on information provided and in some cases services provided for the amount listed here may vary from consultant to consultant. The proposals are available for review in the Planning Office, Town of Ledyard, 741 Colonel Ledyard Hwy., Ledyard, CT.